How to apply for the PCAT

The first step in applying for the PCAT is to register on the Pearson website located at:

Once there, you will need to enter your details and select a preferred time, date and location for you to take the PCAT. Make sure you do this well in advance of your designated time for the exam as space often get booked up very quickly. If you are too late for registering for a specific date do not worry, you can always take a later date or use PCATs "Late registration” system. This means that you may get a closer date but may end up paying a fee for the privilege. During the registration, you will need to have two types of photographic identification with you, which you will present when you appear at the PCAT Test Center. When paying you must pay via valid credit card which is drawn from a US bank account, unfortunately, if you are from abroad they will not accept international bank transfers. Once the payment is accepted you will get an automatic email giving you information about your registration confirmation and how to schedule the PCAT test day. Make sure that you check this email thoroughly especially the name that you gave, as this will need to match your ID that you bring with you on the day.


All correspondence from the examiners is via email, they do not send out hardcopy via the mail, so make sure that your email inbox is not full and you can receive official correspondence.

The PCAT administrators need to respond to finalised registration submission within 60 days. They will email you with confirmation of the time date and place, which hopefully will be preferred place, to take the PCAT Exam.

If you are registering for the exam for the sixth time, ie you have failed the exam five times, some restrictions may be placed on your registration. You may be required to submit further documentation of study or specific courses that they may require.

PCAT almanack "Candidate Information Booklet”

Every year Pearsons, the current administrators behind the PCAT publish the Candidate Information booklet if you have not already got a copy of this it can be found on their official website:

You should download this booklet every year that you take the PCAT as it can go out of date. The book is really useful as it covers all the official Pearson requirement for you to take the PCAT. The main topics it covers include, how to register, PCAT Fees, what to expect at the test center, what to expect during and after the test.

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