Free PCAT Exam Questions

Free PCAT Exam Questions
Free PCAT Exam Questions

The Bronze course, is our free course. Its purpose is to show prospective students the overall structure of our courses and the different types of resources that we offer. 


Free Pharmacist student exam questions

Benefits of our course include:

  • Innovative question system - where students can participate in mock PCAT style exams. These exams are graded automatically and detailed feedback is given on each question.
  • Wide subject range - our questions have been created by specialist US pharmacists who have an indepth knowledge about the exam. The topics covered by the questions are exactly the same and cover the entire PCAT Syllabus, including Chemistry, Biology, Quantitative, Reading andVerbal.
  • Recommended reading - although PCAT-exam can provide you with many of the answers, we do not have all of them, but we can certainly direct you to the best sources!
  • Forums - the free course contains one of our forums, although it is not as popular as our premium forums, never the less it shows off how it works and the potential for collaboration with other students, studying groups are actively encouraged.

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